Be informed!

Get to know the local and national government initiatives that may be of concern to you along with the relevant articles, opinions, and press releases.

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Express your opinion!

Vote, let your voice be heard, start debates, and share your opinion on initiatives - Civilzone will take care of making them viral on Facebook and putting pressure on decision makers.

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Reach millions of citizens as an NGO. Civilzone will take your messages not just to those who like your Facebook page.

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Act & Initiate!

Organize events and actions! You can propose your own initiatives and petitions for the community to discuss and vote on. They can even serve as a basis for initiating referendums.

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What is Civilzone?

Civilzone is a Facebook e-democracy application that helps to assert people's interests, form political opinions, and serve as a means for both getting informed and expressing views. You'll soon be able to add the Civilzone app to any Facebook page.

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What is it for?

Civilzone can become an influential democratic tool for citizens: it can create a dialogue between politicians and citizens and achieve widespread public participation on regional, national, federal, EU and global levels.

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